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The surprising truth about metabolism

Unlock the secret to enhancing your metabolism so you can increase in energy and feel good in your body.

The New Year is quickly approaching and the media is beginning to push weight loss resolutions down our throats. Keep yourself and your goals in check with these surprising truths about metabolism.

The body was beautifully designed – it works like a well-oiled machine; it heals and repairs itself if given the chance; it communicates with itself millions of times each day; and it has multiple energetic systems that work synergistically with one another to keep you alive.

All things are energy. You know this or you wouldn’t be here.

Think of all the energetic systems that are spinning and working each and every day to help keep you alive.

The energetic rhythm of the heart beat and its electro magnetic field can be scientifically detected some three to eight feet from the body; the energetic rhythm of the brain and its electro magnetic field that communicates with the heart and gut microbiome to keep you healthy; the gut microbiome itself and its function in digestion and nutrient assimilation, which is basically the center for all physical health maintenance and Healing.

The surprising truth about metabolism

The digestion and metabolism of food and nutrients is the outcome of the energetic system at work in your stomach and gut. Have you ever wondered what guides these systems? 🤔 The Sun and Moon, of course! In the case of metabolism, we will be focusing on the role of the Sun.

It is no coincidence that the third chakra is called the Solar Plexus. It is smack dab in the middle of your belly, right near your stomach and some of your digestive organs, and its color is yellow.

As the Sun rises and sets throughout the day in a rhythmic cycle, so too does your metabolism. When you wake in the morning, your metabolism is ready to be fired up with a small, well balanced meal to break your long overnight fast. You don’t need to have a full meal, but you should eat something (having a freshly juiced drink or smoothie counts!).

By midday, when the Sun is at its height and shining with all of its power and glory, so too is your metabolism. Lunch time is the perfect time of day to indulge in a big, hearty meal. It should be your main meal of the day and will power you through the afternoon until dinner time.

Your metabolism is working at peak efficiency during this time so it’s ready to receive and burn through whatever you ingest. Be sure to make smart choices about eating foods that are Energy-giving and not Life-draining.

As the Sun slowly makes its descent and winds down for the evening, your metabolism will also be following suit. Dinner time is when your metabolism will be functioning more slowly. Avoid having too much protein during these hours because they are hard to digest and could disrupt your sleep for the night.

The saying goes, Eat Breakfast like a Prince, Lunch like a King, and Dinner like a Pauper, and there is a perfectly good reason for that!

All in all, these meal times are opportunities to tune in and listen to your body, to learn its specific and personal cues, and to begin decoding its messages. This is where Healing begins!

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Fall back in love with eating by increasing in Body Wisdom

Learn how to rely on your body’s unique signals to help you navigate your health.

Collectively, we have fallen out of love with eating. The confusing messages and unrealistic beauty standards have set us way back and food has become a means to an end. It’s high time we go back to basics when it comes to health and weight. Read on for some essential pointers to get you back in touch with your inner wisdom so you can ditch the diet plans and fall back in love with eating.

Unfortunately, our society is fixated on outer appearance – height, weight, stature, pants size – and we have become people who no longer know how to let the body be our guide.

The body was beautifully designed – it works like a well-oiled machine; it heals and repairs itself if given the chance; it communicates with itself millions of times each day to keep you alive.

That being said, don’t you think it’s possible for the body to know what it wants and needs from you? That’s a resounding YES!

The body sends you messages all throughout the day. You feel pain to alert you that something is wrong, sleepy to let you know that it’s time to shut down and give your Mind and body time to rest and repair, and hunger when you are in need of sustenance and nourishment.

But sometimes the messages become confused. They get lost in translation while being filtered through the brain. Hunger is the perfect example of this, and you are not alone if ever you have confused your hunger signals.

What is your body trying to tell you?

It is not uncommon to feel hunger at random times throughout your day, or to have cravings – sometimes very specific cravings – at distinct times. Sometimes these hunger spells and cravings will ebb and flow depending on the moon phase or what you’ve eaten that day. Other times, they show up like regular unannounced guests.

Regardless, the message your body is sending you in times of hunger is almost always not the same message you consciously receive.

A common example is to desire something sweet after eating. A little something to finish off the meal and shut down your appetite. The message comes through in the form of a craving for sugary sweetness, which you might satisfy with dessert, candy, or maybe a piece of gum.

Would you consider the fact that your body is actually asking for more nutrient dense foods when you receive a craving for sweets? It’s true! The body always asks for what it needs, but, because we are human, we confuse the signals and dive head first into a pint of ice cream.

Ready for another? When you have a craving for fried foods, your body is actually asking for healthy fats – Omega 3s, essential fatty acids, they go by many names. When you can’t wait to bite into a juicy steak, you are likely low on protein or possibly heme iron.

The same is true for feelings of hunger that quickly follow a hearty snack or meal. If you are feeling hungry but know that your stomach hasn’t yet emptied, your body might be trying to tell you to drink up. Thirst is often confused for hunger.

In the same scenario, your brain might have missed the memo that you’ve consumed a snack or meal due to eating too quickly. It is calling for more food so it can check off its internal list of sensory stimuli that accompanies every meal.

Learning to decode your body’s specific messages, and practicing eating with awareness as often as possible, will transform your relationship to food beyond measure.

Essentials to keep in mind

If you are looking to heal your relationship to food, body, or weight, this is where the gold really is. You will want to read, and store, these tips for your next snack or mealtime.

  1. Write things down. Make a note of your sensations throughout the day, both before and after eating. Over time you will begin to notice patterns that are associated, and you can use them to understand your body’s unique signals.
  2. Show your food some love. Begin paying attention to your meal as if it were a guest at your table. Notice the tastes, textures, colors, and sensations in every bite. You will find yourself more satiated and with fewer post-meal cravings as you practice this one step.
  3. Slow down and take a deep breath. Literally! Deep breathing before and during a meal will help to increase oxygen to your digestive system, and also put you in a more relaxed state. If you are eating from a more present and relaxed place, your body will thank you with smoother digestion and more energy.

These are some big, but very effective, pointers. Choose one and begin practicing it regularly. Once you begin to feel like you are getting the hang of it, pick up another. Over time you will be able to check in with your body and know exactly what it wants from you.

Here’s to happy eating, my friend! Go on, and be well.

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5 things you’re probably not doing that can dramatically improve your health

If you are here and reading this, then it’s safe to assume you care about your health. I would gander that you are interested in living a Life without pain, sickness, and disease, and so you read and research best practices for Healing and preventative care.

Am I right?

If so, then you will definitely want to consider these five practices that should be included in your Self-care regimen.

These things are not opinion based; they are simply science-based facts that, individually, are really good for you. Combine them with a healthy attitude, the right foods for your body, and a conscientious lifestyle, and you are on your way to good health, my friend!

You’re probably deficient in Vitamin D

Vitamin D has been considered a hormone in recent science, because it is crucial for so many processes in the body. Immunity, bone density, mental clarity, and more, this vitamin is chronically low for some 85% or more of the American population. Getting outside for your Vitamin D is just not enough anymore. See your physician about getting a blood test to determine your recommended dosage for supplementation. This is the brand that I use, love, and recommend, because all you need is one flavorless drop each day!


You are likely eating too fast

When you eat too quickly you set yourself up for a whole host of problems. Top of the list is gas, bloating, and prolonged fullness; second to those are over eating, binge eating, and food coma. If you are eating Organic and you eat too fast, you’re just throwing money out the window. Your food will never be broken down enough to be easily digested or nutritionally absorbed. Begin implementing these four steps to help you slow down while eating.


You might be eating too much protein

Unless you are hard core strength training or trying to build loads of muscle to bulk up, then you are likely eating too much protein. Not only are many proteins difficult to digest, but they trigger new cell growth (in order to increase in muscle mass). When you have expedited cell growth and are not utilizing the muscles in a strengthening workout, then you put yourself at risk for cancer growth. Begin by taking in more plant and grain proteins and recognizing when you’ve had enough by learning your body’s unique signals.


You are probably not putting your electronics on airplane mode while you sleep

We live in a fast-paced world right now where, in some cases, it’s essential to remain connected. However, as you carry or wear your electronics throughout the day, you are taking in small amounts of radiation that might be damaging to your body and energetic field. When you sleep, carry out a small act of love toward yourself by putting your electronics on airplane mode. This will help with quality of sleep, it will leave your alpha waves undisturbed, and will leave you feeling refreshed upon waking.


#HealthHacks that are the keys to good health


You might not be drinking enough water

There is no exact formula for how much water you should be drinking, despite what you’ll find on the internet. The amount of water you need depends solely on you, and can be adjusted based on how much water you take in from fresh fruits and vegetables, and other water-containing foods. However, the general rule of thumb is that every time you use the bathroom you should be taking a sip of water. This will help with cleansing the toxins and inflammation from your cells, as well as keeping your bladder and kidney in top health. It’s also good for appetite and weight loss, an added bonus!

Want to hear more on these 5 practices? Listen to the podcast episode for what’s here, and more!

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3 toxic myths you believe about weight loss

You, too, can be glamorous and graceful with any body shape

Raise your hand if you’ve spent more than 1-week of your life dieting or trying to lose weight 🙋🏻

I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely devoted years of mental real estate, hours at the gym or running outdoors, and tons of time on apps like SparkPeople just to drop into my “ideal” weight range.

Have I been successful? Sure, at times.

Other times, though, I’ve felt hungry, irritable and exhausted, all without losing a single pound and sometimes even gaining weight.

I bet you can relate on some level to my experience.

It wasn’t until my intensive training in Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition that I realized I had it all wrong.

These two powerful approaches have completely transformed the way I think about food, my body, and especially my weight.

I no longer feel like I need to be on the “right” diet to lose or maintain my weight. And I fully understand why the thousands of miles I’ve jogged in the last 10+ years hasn’t changed the shape or state of my body by very much.

I now get it that feeling satiated, satisfied, and comfortable in my body has as much, or more, to do with  H O W  I eat, and less to do with  W H A T  I eat.

What about you? What are you struggling with when it comes to food, body, and weight? (comment below and let me know).

Maybe you eat when you’re stressed. It’s possible you weigh yourself daily, or get really down on yourself for eating too much of a “no-no” food.

Whatever the case may be, you no longer need to feel trapped inside of your own body, a body that may not feel safe or desirable to you.

My relationship with my body is constantly evolving because my approach to dieting is changing.

You can feel amazing in the skin you’re in, at any size or in any condition, if you’re willing to tune out what the diet industry is pushing onto you.

I’d like to help you start by busting these 3 toxic myths the diet industry wants you to believe.

Believing in these myths is problematic because they will hold you back from taking the right actions to reclaim your health.

In my personalized work with clients, I’ve seen one breakthrough after another when people begin to transform what they think and believe about dieting.

So, here they are!

Myth #1:

The only way to lose weight is to calculate calories in vs. calories out

This is an incredibly outdated view of health and weight loss. The diet and fitness industries want you to believe that under-eating and over-exercise are solutions for weight, but they’re not.


Under-eating actually leads to weight gain, as the body actually begins to think it’s on a desert island. It triggers a surplus of fat storage and shuts down essential processes like nutrient absorption and digestion.

Couple this with over-exercise and you’re bound to feel fatigued, irritable, and pretty frustrated that you’re not toning up or losing weight.

This is a trap that keeps you chasing one diet after another. It leads to best selling books, ever increasing gym membership fees, and keeps you believing that you’re doing something wrong (or that there is something wrong with you).

Myth #2:

It’s OK to have “cheat days” or to “fall off the wagon”


The truth is, you should be allowed to eat what makes you feel good – any time – and without guilt.

Food is neither inherently “good” or “bad”. We can label foods by how they make us feel either physically or emotionally, but that doesn’t make them good or bad.

So, having “cheat days” or “falling off the wagon” implies that 1. you’ve done something wrong, which will illicit feelings of guilt, shame, and lead to a downward negative spiral; and 2. sends the message that desirable foods are not to be enjoyed.

Learning how to find pleasure in the foods that make you feel good will trickle into allowing yourself to experience pleasure when you eat the foods that might not be so good for you but are so fun to eat! 🍕🍞🍪

Myth #3

You just haven’t found the right diet for your body yet


So.Not.True. Done. End of sentence.

The most powerful thing I’ve been teaching on, which has resonated with every one of my clients thus far, is that  H O W  you eat will impact your health, weight, physical appearance, and mental state far more than         W H A T  you eat.

Sure, eating the standard American diet day in and day out might put you in an early grave. But for some people, they don’t have any other choice.

Resolve this by slowing down with food, not by clinging to the next fad diet.

Eating more slowly, paying attention to your meal, and chewing more thoroughly will increase your metabolism, lead to better nutrient absorption, and give you a surplus of natural energy without caffein or energy drinks (say goodbye to that 3pm slump!).

So, take heart. There is a solution and it doesn’t require you to starve, sacrifice, or sweat.

That’s not to say you won’t have to work hard!

If you’ve made it this far, I know that something I’ve said here has resonated with you. Let it all simmer for a while.

In the mean time, if you have any questions or would like to share your story or experience with me, just comment below or email me at I’d love to hear from you! 💞

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Finding motivation in a sea of excuses

Tap in to get on your path and you’ll no longer find excuses as helpful or necessary.

It’s nothing to feel ashamed of and something everyone does – make excuses. If you find yourself struggling to commit, feeling like you are lacking in joy, or having trouble making meaningful relationships, this is for you.

Even the best of us makes excuses from time to time (😳 … or all the time). When motivation and morale are low, eh, why bother? You could be living in a sea of excuses and not even know it. Surely, though, you are feeling the effects in different areas of your Life, and that’s why you are here.

The WHY of it all

Why do we make excuses in the first place? What’s the point? Well, there are lots of reasons. Some people make excuses to deflect blame and avoid taking responsibility. This looks like, “I didn’t realize this project was due on Monday because Mr. X never informed me.”

Others make excuses because they are too afraid to speak their truth and be honest with themself (or others). This looks like, “I’m so sorry I haven’t gotten back to you in forever. I’ve been so swamped!”

These are both quite common generators of excuses, and many folks probably don’t even realize what’s happening behind their words.

A more common reason for excuse making is a lack of motivation or inspiration. Maybe you’re ‘just not feeling it’, only, you’re never feeling it. It is easy to fall out if motivation and inspiration when you are feeling unfulfilled in Life, when your chakras are muddied, or when you are off your Divine path. This looks like, “Yeah, I’m just going to stay in again and watch a movie, maybe order in some pizza.”

And finally, a serious and subconscious root of excuses is that you are feeling low, rejected, or apathetic. This may be an indicator that there is something deeper going on within you, and it’s worth it to get yourself checked out by a professional if necessary. This looks like, “I can’t, I have to tie my shoelaces.”

Whatever type of excuse-maker you are, surely there are repercussions that will make themselves known across your Life.

So, how do you slide off the production line and get back on track? Let’s find out!

A simple plan

Well, let’s say simple in theory, but this will definitely take some work on your part.

If you are sick and tired of feeling unfulfilled, lonely, troubled in your relationships, as if you are unimportant, bored in Life, unmotivated, and uninspired, then it is time to pivot.

The first step is to take your attention inward and realize when you are making excuses. Be on the lookout for patterns.

Step two is to be completely honest with yourself. Do you fall into one of the above mentioned categories of excuse generators? If not, what type of excuse-maker are you?

In step three is where the real action is. It is your duty to yourself and the people you care about to rewrite your script. This is hard work, but you have a small arsenal of tools here to help you do that.

And finally, step four. In step four you will implement change. It might be like a shock to the system, or even shocking to what remains of your social Life, but it is absolutely necessary. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

During this process of evolution you are about to take, you will need to learn to recognize your root causes as they come up for you. This is not always easy, especially in our world of constant distractions. It will be crucial for you to have quiet time to decompress and disconnect at least once every day, and that is where the magic happens.

In those moments of quiet is where you will grow in inspiration and unlock Creative solutions to your everyday problems. This is where you will connect with the Divine Source and be filled up with Light. During this time you will begin noticing your patterns of Self-destruction, and which tools in your tool belt to use to help your Self to grow.

As you take each of these steps toward Healing, you will grow in motivation, inspiration, and you will feel lighter. Your Life will begin to look and feel different as those around you witness your transformation. You will no longer find excuse-making to be helpful or aligned with who you are becoming, because you are Journeying on your destined path.

Go out into the world and be the Light, my friend!

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Making Goals That Stick

Throw out everything you’ve ever been taught about goal setting

Now, more than ever, it is imperative to use awareness, consciousness, and Soul intention when planning for your future. It is never too late to begin considering your intentions for tomorrow.

It is safe to say that we’ve been thrown a doozie over the last few of years. Many folks are still trying to find their sea legs – you know, two steps forward, ten steps back.

It’s said that the average person ditches their New Year Resolutions by Valentine’s Day every year. How discouraging! That’s enough to make you want to just throw in the towel on goal setting, period. But don’t despair. Read on for some not widely known tools for creating and setting intentions for today, tomorrow, or even your five year plan.

Making Goals that stick

It is common knowledge that goal setting should follow a sort of formula, per se, for it to be successful. One such formula is creating SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time measurable goals. There are other formulas, detailed outlines, list-making techniques, and customizable plans for you to follow just to ensure successful goal setting.

🤢 So rigid!

Sure, these formulas can be successful for some. But what about the rest of us who do not ascribe to fixed rules or structure? If you are here, reading this, then you probably think outside the box; it’s likely that you appreciate your freedom, and that you live Creatively.

That said, following a flow chart for goal setting definitely should not be where you begin your Journey.

High vibe goal setting

As an elevated Soul, thinking, living, and being “inside the box” probably doesn’t generate results you can be satisfied with.

For people like you and I, the first step in making goals that stick is to learn how to be still. That might be hard since we live in a society that glamorizes working hard and fast. The saying goes that if every minute of your time is not accounted for, then you are wasting time.

Learning how to sit still and listen within for your higher Self to guide you is an imperative first step for many things in Life.

Slowing down long enough to tap in to your higher Self is a little like running a marathon.

It takes lots of training that you build upon daily, some fine tuning of form and technique, and rock solid faith in yourself that you are capable of enduring.


Your ability to focus, drown out all the noise, and turn inward are your strengths. With daily exercise it will become easier, simpler, and more natural for you to tap in. That, my friend, will almost always get you to where you want to go.

The second step is to change the label. Words have power. The human brain is wired to do tricky things, but most predominant is our innate need to protect ourself. In the case of goal setting, there could be internalized Ego scripts getting in the way of your success.

Changing how you write, think, and talk about your goals is one way to bypass Ego and create new neural pathways. Defining neural pathways through repetition is the quickest way to rewrite your Ego script.

Begin by making a list of alternate words for “goals”, and see what resonates with you. Choose the word and begin using it in thought, conversation, and on paper.

Step three is all about how you set your intentions. You want to veer from listing unrealistic tasks that you will likely never accomplish. This is where the practice of being still and turning within to your higher Self is crucial. Tap in to see where you (or your Life) needs development, and begin there.

When you are on the right path, all of the pieces will fall into place naturally and seamlessly.

In this final step, step four, you will decide how you will succeed. Consider choosing one goal per week, per month, or per quarter, or maybe five realistic goals for the year.

If you like a little structure, give yourself a time line – but be realistic. If you prefer accountability, share your intentions with a friend, on social media, or with your mentor.

Whatever method you choose, step four is where you will see your results.

It’s never too early to begin thinking about how you can do and be better. If you are not shape-shifting, then you are stagnating. Don’t wait for Monday, next month, or even the New Year – begin implementing these steps today. Because, remember, who you become tomorrow is entirely based on who you choose to be today.

Go out into the world and spread Light, my friend!

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How thin is too thin?

We are not talking weight here 🤭


Thank you for joining me for another segment on the journey towards healing. I’m Rita, and I am a Healer and a teacher. It’s my calling to help people evolve, elevate and expand their thinking. I help people to heal through natural modalities that fall outside of traditional medicine. That’s exactly what you will find here, so I hope you’ll stay!

Personal boundaries, Energetic boundaries, firm, loose, somewhere in between. Enforcing healthy boundaries is essential for healing, growth, and expansion. If you are tired of the struggle with relationships, your health, job, or psyche, it is prudent that you complete an evaluation of the important areas in your Life and pick one place to begin course-correcting your boundaries.

How thin is too thin?

We are deep into what’s been termed hustle society. This is a time when our collective culture has reinforced the idea that you are nothing, and nobody, unless you are hustling. A dictionary definition of the word hustle plainly (and repetitively) states that the word means obtained with force, hurriedly, unceremoniously, roughly, and through persuasion.

Ask yourself if that’s the type of Energy you want to cultivate in your growth Journey. If not, then this is for you.

Who are you trying to impress?

Often, there is a societal pressure to perform at peak levels all the time. As you know, this is reinforced with social media, which is spiraling out of control. It is not uncommon to scroll your feed as a time-out in your day, only to be bombarded with ads convincing you to better yourself with some $3k program or product. It’s enough to make you feel deflated, as if you are doing something wrong, or not doing enough.

It is in these moments that you should take a look at your personal and Energetic boundaries with yourself. Ask yourself who you are trying to impress with another certification or more things. Every time you click and pay, you are reinforcing that hustle society; you are sending the message to the sender that you are not enough, and with their help, you can become better.

You ARE enough. When you uphold firm, but flexible, boundaries with yourself, you are better able to say “no” when necessary. You are more likely to be aligned with your thoughts, words, and behaviors – this is to say that you will think, say, and do things that align with your core values and who you are trying to be or become. You will also become more aware of your Energy body, and who/what are the Energy drainers or Life-givers in your Life. Having healthy Energy boundaries requires you to learn your body’s personal signals before you hit depletion.

Recharging your internal battery

Every person has an internal battery, so to speak. When you rise every morning, it’s assumed that your batter is full. Depending on your quality of sleep, what you consume (food, media, literature), your thoughts and words, and interactions with others, the levels of juice in your battery will fluctuate.

Your internal battery is actually your Energetic body. Throughout your day, your Energy body will absorb, or take on, as much muck as you allow it to. It is your duty to be conscious and aware of your own Energy stores, to release the muck and restore it with Light Energy. This is the ultimate form of recharging your battery and will help you live a fuller Life.

Are you familiar with feeling spread too thin? It’s when your internal battery is in the red zone, or when your Energetic body is too muddied, that you might begin to feel imbalanced. Maybe you are consumed by your overwhelm, not sleeping well, making poor food choices, or feeling “stuck” in a cycle of thought rumination.

Hustle society, and all of the feelings it produces, are great contributors to feeling spread too thin.


You might fill your days, keep busy with work, have a full social calendar, or have a false sense of Self-care, all in the name of restoring your internal battery. In fact, much of these activities are denial and distractions. It’s those feelings of inadequacy perpetuated by the outside world that make you feel like a tragedy on the inside.

Eventually the façade will crumble and fall. If you are not releasing harmful Energy, and cultivating and restoring Light Energy, your Soul will know it, and your body will respond with sickness, disease, or imbalance. You might take a mental or emotional spiral downward into anxiety (worry) or depression (apathy). Or, you may go in the opposite direction and spread yourself too thin.

It is your duty to learn about the signals your body sends you to make you aware of impending trouble. These will be different for every person. You may experience unusual dreams, physical symptoms, cyclical or ruminating thoughts, or something else altogether. Once you become aware of your personal signals, you can stop Energetic depletion in its path.

If you are looking for tools to help you release and restore Energy, check out the articles in this series: 12 Steps to a more Creative and stress-free Life

Your Soul will thank you for it later!

Until next time,

Thanks for reading! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work.

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Welcome to Sana Anima Wellness Center, a place for wholistic, natural, toxin-free, alternative, Body-loving, Soul-inspiring Healing.

I’m Rita, and I am a Healer and a teacher. It’s my calling to help people evolve, elevate and expand their thinking, and learn to heal through natural modalities that fall outside of traditional medicine. That’s exactly what you will find here, so I hope you’ll stay!

If you exist, then you know that Life can be fast, difficult, uninspiring, and sometimes riddled with sickness, disease, or other complications.

But I truly believe that Healing is capable, and that the body was Divinely designed to heal itself, if given the chance.

In my articles you can expect a little bit of this and a little bit of that. However, one thing stands: each article will always contain educational and actionable resources for you to increase your quality of Life.

My approach to healing is simple – it is derived from ancient, eastern, and timeless modalities for healing that fall outside of the traditional medical model.

I believe that our modern society has rewritten the definition for nourishment far too many times, and that we’ve lost sight of what it truly means to be nourished.

Nourishment of the Mind, Body, and Soul through inner-dialogue, script re-writing, reduction of toxic load, and education will lead to a growth and expansion that people seek their entire lives.

You can receive this, and more, within this community.

What to expect:

I am mindful and respectful of each individual’s personal needs. While I utilize natural approaches to healing, each individual has a right to choose which modalities work for them.

What you read in my articles are to be integrated with common sense. If you are under the care of a physician or other medical professional, speak with your provider before beginning any new healing regimen.

The information contained here is meant for educational purposes only. Take from it what works for you and file the rest for another time.

If what you read here resonates and you are interested in learning more or personalizing your experience, contact me and share your interest.

Thank you for being here!