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Release Energetic baggage to revitalize your Life & space!

This is a two-for-one! Rid yourself of the Energetic baggage that’s holding you back from being your vibrant Self

As you accumulate things, you also accumulate the Energy of those things. Practicing some basic Feng Shui and some light organization will help you clear the clutter in your space, refocus your Mind and mental Energies, and transmute the Energy in your home.

In our capitalistic society with free and expedited shipping and round the clock sales, it is so easy to accumulate more than you need. In fact, it’s safe to say you even accumulate things you don’t actually want – just because they are available.

What you may fail to realize is that each item you bring into your space comes with its own Energy, which then interacts with your Energy and the Energy in your space.

Where it all begins

Take, for example, the foods you eat. Even the most processed foods carry Energetic vibration based on its own lifetime.

It all starts with soil. Good soil that is fertile, hydrated, and mindfully cared for will carry a higher vibration. Any foods that are grown in that soil will look healthier, taste better, and also carry on that higher vibrational Energy.

When the farmed goods are harvested with care, cleaned, separated, processed, packaged, and shipped – all with heart and good intention – the plants continue to vibrate at a higher frequency. This high frequency Energy is then carried into the grocery store where you will shop for your goods.

At every step of the process, it is crucial for each individual who interacts with the goods to also be aligned with their work and with their products. When you pluck that bag of high vibe carrots off your market shelf, you are another cog in the Energetic lifestyle of those carrots.

They will, in turn, feed your cells with a higher, more concentrated nutrient density. They will nourish your body and Soul as you partake in their goodness. And your body will willingly accept the high Energy frequency of those carrots and raise your own vibration.

Feeling good about yourself and your Life, and in your own body, will affect everything you touch and every person you encounter. It is a domino effect that starts with growing plants in healthy, fertile soil that is cared for with love, heart, and good intention.

Along those lines, think about every item you can see in your surroundings at this moment. Where were those products made? Who are the factory workers that helped to assemble them? Were they created to help someone get rich, or because there is a genuine need to help others with these items? What were your intentions for accumulating these products? Were they things you desired? Things you had a need for? Was the money you used on credit or did it come from your paycheck, which you worked really hard for?

Each of these aspects will affect the vibrational frequency of the items you keep in your surroundings, which, in turn, will affect the Energy in your space. The Energy in your space will always be in interaction with your own Energy body.

If you consider yourself someone who cares for Self by cleansing, cultivating, and restoring healthy Energetic boundaries, then it’s time to take it one step further by looking into what you keep in close proximity.

How to move forward

So, now you look around and realize you have so much stuff that you are not attached to in any way and it is bringing down the Energy of your space. You want to clear the space and cultivate a new, Light Energy – but how? Where to start?

Develop a basic understanding of Feng Shui to help you in your space clearing.

Look at any item in your space and ask yourself whether it aligns with who you are or who you are trying to become. Consider how you feel when you are in the same space as this object, while touching or holding it. Does it bring you joy? Is it sentimental? Does it serve a purpose in your space?

Once you’ve answered these questions honestly, then you can apply the principles of Feng Shui to help you further narrow down what stays and what goes.

Feng Shui relies on the concept of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are polar Energies that exist in all things. They represent the feminine (yin) and masculine (yang), and their interaction influences the destinies of all things.

Yin Energy is characterized by coldness, rest, responsiveness, shadow, inwardness, interior, and downward and decreasing motion.

Yang Energy is characterized by stimulation, heat, movement, activity, vigor, illumination, exterior, upward and outward motion, and increase.

Every person, and every item in your space, is characterized by these two polar Energies. And the key to remaining in harmony in your own Life is to keep them in balance.

Because Yin and Yang Energies mutually depend on one another, they cannot be separated. Without Yin, you cannot define or identify Yang, and vice versa. Additionally, they control one another. If Yang is too excessive in any product, good, or person, then Yin will be too weak.

Yin and Yang Energies are on a spectrum where things are relative to one another. As the spectrum becomes tilted to one side or another, the Energies can either be in harmony or disharmonious.

Space clearing

Utilizing Feng Shui and a basic understanding of Yin and Yang Energies will help you to clear your space of any items that are creating Energetic disharmony. This disharmony can permeate you physically, emotionally, mentally, Spiritually, and of course, Energetically.

As you begin to clear your space and rid yourself of the Energetic baggage you are carrying around, you will find yourself feeling lighter. You will have a sense of openness and expanse within you that will allow you to take on your day-to-day problems with ease and confidence. Consider it the breaking free from shackles you didn’t even know you were wearing.

As time and space allows, practice Feng Shui and implement Yin and Yang principles to every space you are in: your office or cubicle, bedroom, refrigerator, freezer, pantry, hall closets, garage, attic, basement, dresser drawers, with your body care products, jewelry, accessories, handbags, shoes, or any other spaces you keep personal items.

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5 things you’re probably not doing that can dramatically improve your health

If you are here and reading this, then it’s safe to assume you care about your health. I would gander that you are interested in living a Life without pain, sickness, and disease, and so you read and research best practices for Healing and preventative care.

Am I right?

If so, then you will definitely want to consider these five practices that should be included in your Self-care regimen.

These things are not opinion based; they are simply science-based facts that, individually, are really good for you. Combine them with a healthy attitude, the right foods for your body, and a conscientious lifestyle, and you are on your way to good health, my friend!

You’re probably deficient in Vitamin D

Vitamin D has been considered a hormone in recent science, because it is crucial for so many processes in the body. Immunity, bone density, mental clarity, and more, this vitamin is chronically low for some 85% or more of the American population. Getting outside for your Vitamin D is just not enough anymore. See your physician about getting a blood test to determine your recommended dosage for supplementation. This is the brand that I use, love, and recommend, because all you need is one flavorless drop each day!


You are likely eating too fast

When you eat too quickly you set yourself up for a whole host of problems. Top of the list is gas, bloating, and prolonged fullness; second to those are over eating, binge eating, and food coma. If you are eating Organic and you eat too fast, you’re just throwing money out the window. Your food will never be broken down enough to be easily digested or nutritionally absorbed. Begin implementing these four steps to help you slow down while eating.


You might be eating too much protein

Unless you are hard core strength training or trying to build loads of muscle to bulk up, then you are likely eating too much protein. Not only are many proteins difficult to digest, but they trigger new cell growth (in order to increase in muscle mass). When you have expedited cell growth and are not utilizing the muscles in a strengthening workout, then you put yourself at risk for cancer growth. Begin by taking in more plant and grain proteins and recognizing when you’ve had enough by learning your body’s unique signals.


You are probably not putting your electronics on airplane mode while you sleep

We live in a fast-paced world right now where, in some cases, it’s essential to remain connected. However, as you carry or wear your electronics throughout the day, you are taking in small amounts of radiation that might be damaging to your body and energetic field. When you sleep, carry out a small act of love toward yourself by putting your electronics on airplane mode. This will help with quality of sleep, it will leave your alpha waves undisturbed, and will leave you feeling refreshed upon waking.


#HealthHacks that are the keys to good health


You might not be drinking enough water

There is no exact formula for how much water you should be drinking, despite what you’ll find on the internet. The amount of water you need depends solely on you, and can be adjusted based on how much water you take in from fresh fruits and vegetables, and other water-containing foods. However, the general rule of thumb is that every time you use the bathroom you should be taking a sip of water. This will help with cleansing the toxins and inflammation from your cells, as well as keeping your bladder and kidney in top health. It’s also good for appetite and weight loss, an added bonus!

Want to hear more on these 5 practices? Listen to the podcast episode for what’s here, and more!

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Making Goals That Stick

Throw out everything you’ve ever been taught about goal setting

Now, more than ever, it is imperative to use awareness, consciousness, and Soul intention when planning for your future. It is never too late to begin considering your intentions for tomorrow.

It is safe to say that we’ve been thrown a doozie over the last few of years. Many folks are still trying to find their sea legs – you know, two steps forward, ten steps back.

It’s said that the average person ditches their New Year Resolutions by Valentine’s Day every year. How discouraging! That’s enough to make you want to just throw in the towel on goal setting, period. But don’t despair. Read on for some not widely known tools for creating and setting intentions for today, tomorrow, or even your five year plan.

Making Goals that stick

It is common knowledge that goal setting should follow a sort of formula, per se, for it to be successful. One such formula is creating SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time measurable goals. There are other formulas, detailed outlines, list-making techniques, and customizable plans for you to follow just to ensure successful goal setting.

🤢 So rigid!

Sure, these formulas can be successful for some. But what about the rest of us who do not ascribe to fixed rules or structure? If you are here, reading this, then you probably think outside the box; it’s likely that you appreciate your freedom, and that you live Creatively.

That said, following a flow chart for goal setting definitely should not be where you begin your Journey.

High vibe goal setting

As an elevated Soul, thinking, living, and being “inside the box” probably doesn’t generate results you can be satisfied with.

For people like you and I, the first step in making goals that stick is to learn how to be still. That might be hard since we live in a society that glamorizes working hard and fast. The saying goes that if every minute of your time is not accounted for, then you are wasting time.

Learning how to sit still and listen within for your higher Self to guide you is an imperative first step for many things in Life.

Slowing down long enough to tap in to your higher Self is a little like running a marathon.

It takes lots of training that you build upon daily, some fine tuning of form and technique, and rock solid faith in yourself that you are capable of enduring.


Your ability to focus, drown out all the noise, and turn inward are your strengths. With daily exercise it will become easier, simpler, and more natural for you to tap in. That, my friend, will almost always get you to where you want to go.

The second step is to change the label. Words have power. The human brain is wired to do tricky things, but most predominant is our innate need to protect ourself. In the case of goal setting, there could be internalized Ego scripts getting in the way of your success.

Changing how you write, think, and talk about your goals is one way to bypass Ego and create new neural pathways. Defining neural pathways through repetition is the quickest way to rewrite your Ego script.

Begin by making a list of alternate words for “goals”, and see what resonates with you. Choose the word and begin using it in thought, conversation, and on paper.

Step three is all about how you set your intentions. You want to veer from listing unrealistic tasks that you will likely never accomplish. This is where the practice of being still and turning within to your higher Self is crucial. Tap in to see where you (or your Life) needs development, and begin there.

When you are on the right path, all of the pieces will fall into place naturally and seamlessly.

In this final step, step four, you will decide how you will succeed. Consider choosing one goal per week, per month, or per quarter, or maybe five realistic goals for the year.

If you like a little structure, give yourself a time line – but be realistic. If you prefer accountability, share your intentions with a friend, on social media, or with your mentor.

Whatever method you choose, step four is where you will see your results.

It’s never too early to begin thinking about how you can do and be better. If you are not shape-shifting, then you are stagnating. Don’t wait for Monday, next month, or even the New Year – begin implementing these steps today. Because, remember, who you become tomorrow is entirely based on who you choose to be today.

Go out into the world and spread Light, my friend!