Education & Trainings

When you are looking for a professional to connect with,

someone you can trust and become vulnerable with, education and trainings matter. I am an expert trained in creating a safe space for you to explore who you are, and to be that person.

This is a judgement-free zone where you and I can be as friends.

Knowing how to create a space and a holding container for your biggest problems, your greatest successes, and your raw emotion that often accompanies the growth experience requires more than just life experience or a few wins in some part of this Journey.


I have an extensive background in Behavioral Sciences, which has given me a very deep and wide understanding of the Human psyche. My career has spanned grade school classrooms to psychiatric hospitals to memory care units.

Below you will find my education and trainings, which, in addition to Life experience and many years of working closely with individuals just like you, qualify me to be one of the best practitioners in the domains of personal growth, behavior modification, and Soul elevation that you will find.



BA in Psychology; BS in Human Development UC Davis

University of California, Davis

Bachelor of Science in Human Development
The interdisciplinary study and understanding of the way human psyche, personality, behaviorism, and physiology develop from conception through death, including Centenarians.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
The study of the social and scientific basis for human behavior.



Master's in Art Therapy Counseling from Hofstra University

Hofstra University

Master of Arts in Art Therapy Counseling
The therapeutic utilization of art and creativity as a means for uncovering and understanding the subconscious and unconscious. Art Therapy is a vehicle for communication in the therapeutic setting, giving voice to the deeply rooted aspects of Self that make us who we are and how we are. It also serves as a modality of communication for those without communication skills, such as on an Alzheimer’s unit, with children, or persons with severe communicative disorders such as Autism and selective mutism. It is only truly Art Therapy when facilitated by someone trained in this specific field.

Life Coach CertificationOrange County, CA

Certified Life Coach
Globally credited, this institute offers a 3-day intensive certification in generalized life coaching. The certification includes the ICF (International Coach Federation) coaching model, resources on how to effectively set goals with clients, tools on productivity, and effective communication.



Training in Eating Psychology


Certified Coach in Dynamic Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition
The crossroads where nutrition and psychology intersect, this certification equips practitioners to help clients heal their relationship with food, body, and Self. In a world where billions of dollars are being poured into the health and diet industry, and thousands of Coaches are calling themselves “Health” or “Wellness” Coaches, people are not getting healthier or feeling well. In fact, we as a collective whole are worse off than ever. This training has equipped me to shift the paradigm and go beyond the failed methods of the past, to a realm where food is no longer about deprivation, fear, and dread.