Sana Anima| sa’nə  ‘anəmə | verb : to heal the Soul

Welcome to Sana Anima Wellness Center,

a place of healing for your Body and Soul.

Coach Rita
Rita Haddad: Therapist, Certified Coach, Author, Mentor, Speaker


If an egg breaks with outside force, a life ends.

If an egg breaks with inside force, a life begins.

Transformation begins from the inside.

– Mahesh Jayasinghe

Specializing in natural healing modalities that fall outside of the traditional medical model


Sana Anima Wellness Center is a place of healing for your Body and Soul. 

I believe that your body was beautifully designed, and that, in most circumstances, it is capable of healing itself.

Because every body does not function or respond the same, it is crucial to discover what works for you. Aligning with a knowledgeable and trained guide on your Journey to health will help you discover the tools and resources that work well for your lifestyle and personality.

Utilizing everything from mindset work to dietary changes, from sacred crystals to essential oils, there is something for everyone and for every body!


Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Maybe you have unexplained fatigue, unusually high stress, or resistance to weight loss.

As your Mentor, I place high value on helping you to uncover the hidden culprits that are wrecking your health and unsettling your Mind.

This practice is for you if you:

  • experience food sensitivities with unknown origin
  • tolerate joint pain, skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, or sores on your mouth or tongue
  • experience excessive gas, bloating, troubled digestion, or symptoms of IBS
  • feel fatigued, mental fog, or are frequently under the weather
  • are dissatisfied with your body, weight, or image
  • are concerned about your eating habits (binge eating, emotional eating, over eating, restrictions, chronic dieting, or others)
  • have unresolved issues that continue to replay in different relationships
  • want to simplify your life or feel lighter
  • desire to clean up your diet or lifestyle
  • just want to feel good about yourself!



We live in a society of long hours and short days, giving to others and taking from ourselves.

Give back to yourself by investing in your Self.

Sana Anima Wellness Center is the kind of space where you can be free to come as your are, and know that when you leave you will be a more evolved individual.

Every session working with me will bring you closer to who you truly desire to be; one step away from unsettled, unhappy, and dissatisfied, and one step closer to fulfilled, content, and comfortable with who you are.

Now more than ever people are sicker, fatter, and more dissatisfied with their Life. This is no coincidence. There are many factors that contribute to these experiences, and some are out of your control. However, there are many small, actionable steps you can take to repair your health and live a fuller Life.

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    Reclaim your health and finally get the Healing you deserve!

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