Health at Any Size: Spring Edition

This Spring
you can have your cake, and eat it too!

Join me for a 3-week structured Mentoring experience this Spring!

Register before April 30


Just in time for the warmer months, arm yourself with knowledge and power so you can make it through the rounds of pool parties, summer cookouts, and friendly gatherings without worrying about your waistline.

This program will provide opportunities to learn, as well as practical application. You will never have to wonder how to make this information work in your Life, because that’s what I’m going to teach you!

What to expect:

Our time together will be split between a brief teaching portion and practical application. This means that you can bring to me what you are struggling with, and together we can apply the knowledge from the session to arm you with tools for success.

Week 1: Empowered Health: your key to weight loss
Week 2: Re-learn how to eat and fall in love with food again
Week 3: Heal from within and shed excess weight effortlessly

Looking for additional support?

Great! Invite a friend to join you! This is a great way to create accountability, support, and camaraderie that will surely help you on your path to success with this approach.

Additional information:

The Who: Me (Rita), You, and anyone you would like to join us (optional)
The What: 3-weeks of structured Mentoring to arm you with knowledge and power to make your rounds this Spring and Summer, without worrying about your waistline.
The Where: Virtual OR in person! You get to decide
The When: Register before April 30. Limited spots remain! Your sessions must occur within 90 days of purchase.
The Cost: $125 per person

When you commit, you will get one additional opportunity for support each week between sessions (text, 10-minute call, or brief email). That’s a total of six opportunities to connect with me during your 3-week Mentoring experience!

These additional supports are included because Life doesn’t work on a scheduled timeline, and sometimes things urgently arise when we are not prepared.

In order to help you make the most of your experience, I am offering my time and expertise to help you work through anything that comes up for you.